Daft Punk

Came across this dope video via the interweb.

Anyone who makes one of these and sends it to:                                                                             robertclassico                                                                                                                                                                                                     124 Tices Lane Suite C                                                                                                                        East Brunswick, NJ 08816

will receive 10 free ONE90ONE shirts of their choice on me. but its gotta be as fantastic as in this video. the flashing lights might not even be all that necessary but just like a phat helmet with a murdered out black visor. (if anyone seriously contemplates sending me one should first send a pic to see if i approve robert@191unlimited.com)



About 191unlimited

191 Unlimited was founded in 2002 by long time best friends Parth Sharma and Girish Karnani. The two college grads took $191 to the casino and won enough money to launch their first 191 Unlimited collection. They then loaded their car with samples and started a two month trek from NY to LA and back, stopping in as many cities as possible to show their line. 191 Unlimited now sells in many countries and can be found in over 1500 stores. Dreams come true...
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